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Technology & digital services are important cornerstones for businesses, but they're not always done right. We solve problems with technology and digital services, and make systems run seamless for clients worldwide!

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Our clients swear by our seamless integration, and ability to keep things running smoothly.


We’re there when you need us to assist with your IT needs, for both once-off or ongoing assistance.


We have experience working with a range of industries, spanning startups, to large ventures.

At Hivemind Consulting, we focus on improving your technology and digital services to help you outsmart your competition!

We've got your IT, Digital, & Security needs covered.

We help businesses like yours in the management of technical & digital systems, in order to solve problems, and improve performance. As a result, our clients find their marketing and SEO efforts netting better results, as well as their IT and security problems reduced!

  • Website development & maintenance.
  • Online system security and speed improvements.
  • Email, Moodle, and SharePoint implementation.
  • SSL/HTTPS secure content delivery.
  • Cloud application deployment.
  • Data A/B Testing, analysis, and leveraging.

Some of the many platforms we service and maintain for our clients

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