Custom email address.

Look professional by replacing your @gmail with an @yourbusiness email address.

Spam & Virus Protection.

Advanced email filters keep your mailbox free from spammy, untrusted, and virus emails.

Fast & Secure.

Emails are hosted on secure services, using TLS encryption and IMAP email client connection.

Great for business.

Empower your venture with 25GB space, 100% up-time, Archive support, and we can add on Office 365.

Look professional.

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What our clients say

Julians’ ability to think outside the box to get the results I wanted was fantastic, and I’ve found them to be very efficient at getting work done within a timeframe!

Hivemind Consulting takes care of my website, information systems, and security – so I can concentrate on running my event!

Hivemind created my Real Estate websites and network! They’re reliable, highly skilled, and flexible. I recommend them to any Business owner!

Let’s build something incredible!

Questions, requests, or after a custom solution? Check our homepage or call us on 07 3117 3748.